Petra Joy’s second erotic film is a visual feast, celebrating sensual pleasures and the art of seduction. “Female Fantasies” is based on erotic fantasies that were sent to Petra by her female photography clients and friends.

To visualize genuine chemistry these erotic fantasies were captured on film with performers who are real life lovers rather than professional porn stars. The fantasies featured in the film vary greatly and go far beyond the cliché of “romance and roses”. From secretly watching a man playing with himself to being totally pampered by five skilled lovers at once – all erotic scenarios in “Female Fantasies” focus on female pleasure rather than male satisfaction. “Female Fantasies” aims to inspire and excite. May you enjoy these wild erotic dreams and make your own come true!

You can see the full feature film at Pink Label TV

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  • How exactly is this suppose to be for women? All I see is the same old porn angles with bad music and sappy settings and props added, and oops, a couple kitchen scenes to keep the female house keeping instincts satisfied. What the actual fuck, well I’ll be dammed for expecting videos here I get to see male faces and bodies in straight porn from a site called pornforwomen that’s supposedly aimed at straight women. Look, I’m a straight woman, I see cooch and tits everyday. I want to see cocks, abs pecs, handsome faces and male asses. How in hell is that hard to get. If you’re actually gonna make porn for women make what women want to see or change your fucking name and cater porn for men with neon and cooking fetishes, which is gat I see you actually have here

    • Ms.Naughty_TV 3 years ago

      Hi Mira
      This film is one woman’s perspective, based on the fantasies of other women. It is one example of porn for women but it’s not everything. After 15 years in porn I’ve found that women’s tastes are really diverse. Thus I’ve made into a site with a very wide range of videos with different sexualities, bodies and experiences.
      Please have a look at the other videos on the site. If you want to check out straight men, please try my solo male films e.g. Ryan James: or Chase: Shadows – or Tease, which is about a woman admiring her man stripping. Or you might want to see the preview vids featuring celebrities from the Mr Man site e.g. Daniel Craig:

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