Iwia seduces her man into a hot erotic 69 in a rather interesting position before they engage in some steamy fucking.

This is a glimpse of another sensual scene from Nubiles Films.


  • I can always tell when the man stops caring about giving the female an orgasm. He should be consistently licking and massaging her clit preferably until she orgasms first. Then all the attention can go to him because when he orgasms it’s over. I’m sick to death of having to watch lesbian videos to see the female get fulfilled. Please change this. Straight females watch porn too.

    • Ms.Naughty_TV 3 years ago

      Hi Glenda
      I understand your frustration as this is what happens in most mainstream porn. And yes, Nubiles, the site which this clip is from, is mostly what I’d classify as “mainstream”. I include it on this site because it’s glamour porn and some women like that.
      If you want to see men giving women orgasms, please visit my site BrightDesire.com. The scenes I film are focused on female pleasure and they women always have an orgasm. A good example is “Tease” where Ryan strips and teases Lucie before licking her til she comes. http://pornforwomen.tv/tease/
      I would also recommend porn by Erika Lust, Jennifer Lyon Bell, Lucie Blush and Petra Joy

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